MØ feat. Diplo - XXX88 (Joe Hertz Remix)


There are tracks you party too, there are tracks you commute too, but there are tracks you enjoy at any given time and this is one of them. MØ feat. Diplo - XXX88 (Joe Hertz Remix) provides you with a sensual pleasure along with an euphonious embodiment that can only be dealt with constant replays of said track. I can't be any clearer because I simply can't. Just press play and did I also mention it's free, Free download guys and gals!

- Angelo - @AngelSilveri0

- Nick - @KidsWithWeapons  



Naughty Boy Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre - Think About It (TÂCHES Remix)


 I'm sitting here... at Starbucks drinking a grande cinnamon dolce latte with extra nutmeg.. enjoying this golden track while the staff contemplates why I'm moving my head up and down. TÂCHES transforms a new york style hip hop track into a bass driven, soulful, 90s-esque house track.. Not an easy feat to accomplish.. I might as well order another dolce latte because it seems I'm going to be at Starbucks for a while. 

- Angelo - @AngeloSilveri0


Miami Horror - Real Slow (Gold Fields Remix)


Check out Gold Field's Official Remix of Miami's Horror - Real Slow. It truly exemplifies what it is to have a song on replay for a whole day maybe even a week. Amazingly this track has managed to set my mood for the coming week. Pop your earphones in and transition yourself from a dull day to Gold Fields day while of course doing your homework or job, I don't know how you spend your day but listen to this track, geez! Available for a Free Download.

 - Angelo - @AngeloSIlveri0

- Nick - @KidsWithWeapons

Cherokee - Don't Matter

Cherokee - Don't Matter.jpg

This track just magnetizes itself to you.. The deep sexy chords, funky bass and perfectly airy vocals make you feel like you're the center of Paris on a cool autumn afternoon. Put on a ridiculously deep v-neck, pour yourself a glass of your favorite cognac, light up an unfiltered cigarette and check out this new track by Cherokee feat. Darianna .

Out November 11th on Roche Musique.

 - Nick - @kidswithweapons

 - Angelo - @AngeloSIlveri0